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Kanyibaa Kanyi Huddle

In Gambia, there is a young man who was working for the Christian Children’s Fund – CCF in a town not far from the capital Banjul. One day, as he sat in front of his home, four other men pulled up in a taxi with no license plate(tag). They asked the young man what his name was. When he told them his name, they requested he get in the car for a trip to the NIA (National Intelligence Agency). The young man asked if he could be allowed into his house to change into some clothes and shoes. The abductors refused him re-entry into his house and forced him into the taxi. Kanyibaa Kanyi’s young wife, who was pregnant with the couple’s first son pleaded with the abductors to no avail.

Friends, we have decided to dedicate this page to the Freedom of Kanyibaa Kanyi. We will share with you the life of Kanyibaa Kanyi and the events leading to his abduction. We will also share with you who abducted Kanyibaa Kanyi. We encourage CCF to double their efforts in securing the freedom of Kanyibaa and to consider the safety and freedom of all their employees and volunteers as they continue to share christianity through good work and secours. Philanthropic work is difficult especially in remote parts of the world. We advise due-diligence in personnel safety be a cornerstone of project implementation for all philanthropic organisations and NGOs.

Thank you friends and we encourage you to assist us in yielding freedom for Kanyibaa Kanyi and his young family. As SOS Children’s villages enables orphans in Gambia and elsewhere, more orphans are needlessly created by those who ought to know better.



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