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SEVINK Vision Institute

Welcome to the Senator Edward Moore Kennedy Nyakoi Vision Institute (SEVINK Vision Institute), named in honor of the late Massachusetts Senator’s enormous contribution to, and support for public health and quality of life matters.

The SEVINK Vision Institute is an eye-care center on the campus of the Savannah Academy. The two along with The Sustainable Development Institute (Disaster & Conflict Prevention and Mitigation and environmental management) form the signature projects of The GDP.

The objective of the Institute is to promote eye-health through the prevention and treatment of infections and diseases of the eye such as Uveitis, Corneal abrasions, Trachoma, Cataracts, and Glaucoma.

Courtesy: Operation Eyesight – http://www.operationeyesight.com

Rural residents of our ROP nations have limited access to clean drinking water, sanitary sewerage, or refrigeration to help ward off common but preventable eye diseases. Medical facilities and doctors are generally great distances removed from rural communities if they are available at all. There are generally no organized systems to track or check the epidimeology or ecology of disease.

Most rural folk are subsistence farmers and or cottage industry entrepreneurs whose capacity for sustenance depends on physical and ophthalmic health. The growing number of people who are slowly going blind from treatable infections and degenerative disease has significantly reduced the quality of democratic and productive life for these folk, generally in their middle and most productive ages. The very young and very old have the least defense against disease.

We look forward to partner with you and many other philanthropic organizations to offer a rural extension to eye-care and to bring ophthalmic services and resources to rural folk so that the inconveniences and high cost of travel to the urban areas no longer becomes a hindrance to eye health.

The SEVINK Vision Institute will complement The GDP’s efforts to enhance the capacity of peoples to participate in productive democratic life, unhindered by the prospect of burdensome migration, and to more fully appreciate such life.

Often, post-operative and recuperative care is as critical as the surgical operation and anesthesia. We hope to enhance surgical success by investing in care, prior to surgery and in post-operative and recuperative care. Eye health education, nutritional quality, and potable water quality will be significant areas of focus for the SIGHTSEED lab of the SEVINK Vision Institute. Extended-Stay facility will be provided for patients at the institute under the care of well-trained personnel to include senior students of the Savannah Academy Ophthalmology Club (SOC).

The Institute will have a Resident Surgeon, who will be assisted by visiting surgeons.

The JOHM Fund is the funding effort for The SEVINK Vision Institute and SIGHTSEED. Please visit us again as we develop the institute and we encourage you to assist us when and where possible.

What we hope to accomplish at the SEVINK Vision Institute are:

1. To conduct research in the area of eye disease and eye health.

2. To offer training and equipment for treatment of diseases of the eye and eye health maintenance.

3. To perform low to no-cost eye surgeries for patients who either cannot afford such life-saving surgery, or who do not have access to such care.

4. To provide post-operative care for both the Institute‘s patients and the patients of other eye care facilities and organizations.

5. To award training scholarships to SOC students in ophthalmic surgery, technology, and optometry.

6. To make available, corrective lenses and medication through the SIGHTSEED program of the Institute.

The Institute facility will consist of the home of the Resident Surgeon, lodging for visiting surgeons, Patient Extended-stay facilities, the main medical building and dormitory for students of the Savannah Academy Ophthalmology Club.

The Institute will be a self-sustaining project after the initial construction capital outlay. We are working on mechanisms by which The Savannah Academy can generate up to 100% of recurring costs after construction and equipment. We will share our cost-estimates with you here in the hope that you can partner with us in our fundraising efforts to make the SEVINK Vision Institute a success. We will seek the guidance of an ROP ophthalmology clinic or organization as the Institute’s Au-Pair Partner. Any assistance in that regard will be extremely valuable and appreciated.

We need and desire your help and support as we grow.

Videos: Courtesy of Operation Eyesight – http://www.operationeyesight.com

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