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The Global Democracy Tour

As cornerstone and theme in our journey toward realizing the values and yield of democratic life, we will embark on an annual endurance challenge called The Global Democracy Tour or The GDP-Tour. It will be a people’s tour beginning in a country in our ROP, and traversing the other countries of the ROP, to end at the start. Men, women, boys, and girls of ages between  18-50 will be sponsored to participate and all participants will receive an appreciation prize.

Each community in our ROP will have a coordinating team and we encourage all interested participants to send the following information to thegdptour@aol.com:

1. Your name and telephone number or email address
2. The name of your country and city, town, or village of residence.

We will put you in touch with your team-coordinator and members who will be in constant touch with you regarding various aspects of the Tour. We encourage the physically and visually-challenged members of our communities to participate. The GDP-Tour is not designed to be a competitive Tour. It is an endurance challenge to celebrate democratic life.

We will work with partner organizations and the respective governments to map out the route that you help develop and the attendant facilities required for such a comprehensive tour. We ask for your support and ideas on the challenge.


The GDP-Tour Route

So far, these communities feature in our preliminary Route concept:

Goree, Dakar, Banjul, Saint Louis, Ziguinchor, Diourbel, Thies, Kaolack, Diouloulou, Thilogne, Bakel, Kayes, Kita, Bamako, Tomboctou, Gao, Segou, Mopti, Djenne, Nioro du Sahel, San, Bougouni, Niono, Conakry, Kankan, Nzerekore, Macenta, Beyla, Kerouane, Gahnpa, Monrovia, Zimmi, Bo, Freetown, Waterloo, Kambia, Gbarnga, PortLoko, Coyah, Forecariah, Dubreka, Kamsar, Cacine, Bissau, Quebo, Ignore’, Fulacunda, Sao Domingos, Safim, Buba, Brikama, Gunjur, Kerewan, Carrolton, Villa Rica, Bremen, Temple, Douglasville, Marietta, Sandy Springs, Atlanta, Macon, and Savannah.


Team Tour-Mali:

Team Tour-USAGeorgia:

Team Tour-Senegal:

Team Tour-LaGuinea:

Team Tour-Liberia:

Team Tour-SierraLeone:

Team Tour-Bissau:

Team Tour-Gambia:

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