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Public Relations


The GDP finds it appropriate to add this page to our site. Pardon our dynamism and as we grow and evolve, it will be significant to demonstrate our dynamism in both the construct of our pages and in the implementation of our projects. Key in that growth is The GDP’s relation with the general public and other organisations.

Therefore, we will attach significant sub-pages here with the aim to accrue more comprehension of our charter and raison d’etre, especially where we can discern a deficit in understanding. The mission and goals of The GDP warrant this outreach.

Here, we will share information on our relationships, Press statements on specific issues of concern, and we will share with you our express associations and disassociations.

Thank you.


Director – The GDP


Press Statements.

#3. Friday, Feb 26th, 2010

Global Democratic Project

We have been duly informed that there exists an organization of three Cameroonians; Mr. Celestine Bedzigui, his son Mr. John Linden, and wife/associate Ms. Deborah who have launched a website (still under constr.) and that the content of the website bears a marked resemblance to our mission and content.

We wish to inform our visitors, partners, and the governments of our first region of operation ROP1, that The Global Democracy Project does not have any affiliation, association, or referential relation to this organisation. We further encourage all and sundry to share with us any impression of fraudulent agency and or burdensome agency perpetrated by this group of Cameroonians. We hereby advise the people and government of Cameroon to hold us harmless for any infringement or undue representation this group may purvey now and in the future. We inform the UN and the US State Department of our complete disassociation from this group.

We have been further informed that Celestine was educated in Paris, France and has been a financial advisor at Prudential at one time. He has presented a paper and speech on the content of his website to the UN. We plead with the UN for a modicum of due-diligence in vetting those who present speeches to them on the behalf of Africans and other peoples.

We will inform the state of Pennsylvania of this chagrin and potential aversion.

Thank you.


#2. Monday, Dec. 22nd, 2008

Death of President Lansana Conte’ & Military Intervention by the CNDD (National Council for Democracy and Development)

The GDP joins the people of La Guinea in mourning the death of Lansana Conte’ on Monday december 22nd., 2008.

The GDP commends the CNDD for their swift intervention to forestall chaos and disorder and for according President Conte’ a state funeral to include procession at a Conakry stadium.

The GDP further encourages neighbours of La Guinea, excepting Senegal who has already expressed unequivocal and public support for the CNDD, to accord the young officers their unreserved support and encouragement. We particularly urge President Amadou Toumani Toure’ of Mali to accord the CNDD his wise counsel and the proven resources of his good offices in order to accompany the CNDD toward expeditious, free, and fair elections, devoid of intimidation, coercion, and threats of reprisals.

The GDP is of the opinion that the CNDD should effort to hold legislative and presidential elections simultaneously during the first semester of 2009 or latest end of 2009. We believe 2010 is malignantly long for Guineans to be accorded their free will to choose their governors because the legislative elections have suffered numerous postponement already. We advise the CNDD accordingly. We further encourage the CNDD to seek assistance from the Mali, Senegal, Ivory Coast, and other militaries as they deem necessary and or appropriate to help with order and security at the borders while they organise these elections. The CNDD must be seen to be moving deliberately toward the elections as well as audit of public funds and attendant prosecutions. 




We at The Global Democracy Project (The GDP) wish to share with the general public that pursuant to our Mission shared in our HOME page, The GDP is a non-Partisan, and non-Profit organisation and is not affiliated with any individuals, persons, or organisation of persons, unless where expressly shared on our website or other appropriate express written communication thereto. Any attempt, express or discernibly implied, to accrue or inure such affiliation or association, will constitute onerous libel and inappropriate association.

Links on our site:

The GDP will solicit, via written and verifiable permission to other individuals and organisations, to share Links to their sites. Any such linkage must not be construed as implicit association of The GDP with such person or organisation. We will do due-diligence to only share links and Resources that bear relevance to The GDP’s mission and we reserve the right to ammend such links whenever we discern impropriety. Therefore the Links page will be dynamic and adhoc. We encourage you to visit the Links and Resources often for updates.

Thank you.

Haruna Darbo

Director – The GDP

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