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Hon Mayor Mara affords The Independent Newspaper some clarification

Mali Crisis Resolution Project – 2.


With a patchwork of unholy alliances with Al-Qaa’Ida (AQMI), Salafist rebels, Ansaru Ddeen, and Boko Haram, The MNLA formally declared the political independence of the Azawad nation comprising almost 2/3 of Mali territory yesterday, Thursday 4.5.2012 after declaring a unilateral ceasefire a day earlier. This came on the heels of MNLA’s errant expeditions to overrun abandoned garrison in Timbuktoo and the surrendered camp of Gao where the commander Gamou deserted with his men to join the MNLA.  The declaration of independence was rejected by France and the UN. We encourage France to remain steadfast in wholesale abandon of retail conflict.
Today, Friday, 4.6.2012, the work of the ADPS project is yielding fruit. ECOWAS (Burkinabe) mediator Hon. Djibril Bassole met with Captain Sanogo and officials of the interventionist CNRDRE for an opportunity to relieve burdensome and extreme sanctions placed on Mali by ECOWAS in the aftermath of the unfortunate incident at the Bamako-Senou airport when the ECOWAS heads of States delegation was prevented from disembarking for an emergency summit with the CNRDRE. Those sanctions which included the closure of all borders with Mali’s neighbors and denial of access to port facilities for landlocked Mali were unprecedented and extreme considering the high moment of Mali. We are pleased ECOWAS is seriously reconsidering those sanctions and we encourage the AU and the UN to accompany the ADPS in their journey toward recovering democracy’s fortunes for Mali.
The people of Mali, in their various political and civil society organizations deserve high commendation for their sobriety and due-diligence in this unfortunate apostrophe in Mali’s rich history. They must close ranks and maintain their trademark solidarity that is the envy of the world. The MNLA errant expedition will not stand in the face of a people united in purpose and democratic life.

The GDP Team.

Mali Crisis Resolution Project.

The Global Democracy Project supports the framework for the resolution of the Mali crisis advanced by the Alliance of Patriotic Democrats for the Resolution of the Mali crisis (ADPS). We encourage the governments of our ROP nations to accord this gallant effort its due consideration. The ADPS is a mixed (militaro-civilian) adhoc commission whose mission is:
1. To transfer leadership to a civilian transition government pursuant to approval by Mali’s Constitutional Court.
2. To maintain law, order, and peace in Mali and to protect the lives and property of the citizens of Mali during this transition period.
3. To redeploy fully, all departments of state for public services and economic activity.
4. To re-institute the Freedom of expression and of the Press, and to guarantee unabridged access to information for the Press.
5. To seek and obtain an immediate Cease-Fire and cessation of hostilities from the armed MNLA rebels in North Mali, liberate all encumbered Mali territory, and enable all refugees to return to safe homes.
6. To arrest the hemmorhaging isolation of Mali in the subregional, regional, and international community that can be an impediment to a smooth and expeditious transition period.
7. To fight against the profuse traffic of contraband, abductions, and terrorist activities in Mali.
8. To restructure and reform the national military forces and to adequately equip them to meet challenges to national integrity and unity.
9. To protect from harm those arrested pursuant to the coup d’etat, release those who have not committed any crimes, and present others to the judiciary for proper adjudication.
10. To organize and conduct Free, Fair, and Transparent elections within judicious delay.
11. To restore the authority of state.
This project is sober and realistic and has the support of most Malians as indicated by the marches of solidarity that have been taking place in Mali.
The Global Democracy Project has resolved to support and accompany the ADPS in this project and we encourage all partners in our ROP governments to augment the chances of success for these gallant Malians as they work to close this unfortunate chapter of Mali life.
The GDP Team    More on the ADPS Declaration


Senegal’s friends congratulate President Macky Sall

1. President Alpha Conde – LaGuinea:

Guinée-Sénégal : Alpha Condé salue la victoire de Macky Sall
Source : Autres : Dernière Mise à jour : 27/03/2012 (Auteur : .)
Lu : 26 fois

Redacted from Le Jour – gn Newspaper.

« C’est avec un grand plaisir que j’ai appris votre brillante élections à la magistrature suprême de votre pays. En cette occasion il m’échoit l’honneur au nom du peuple et du gouvernement guinéens de vous adresser mes très sincères et chaleureuses félicitations auxquelles je joins mes vœux ardents de pleine réussite dans vos nouvelles et exaltantes fonctions », a indiqué le Président guinéen dans un télégramme daté de ce lundi 26 mars.

Pour Alpha Condé, le déroulement serein du scrutin de dimanche dénote la maturité du peuple sénégalais. Par leur comportement de ce dimanche, Alpha Condé estime que les Sénégalais ont su transcender toutes les différences pour faire valoir sur ce qui rassemble la nation sénégalaise.

Le président guinéen a rassuré le nouveau président sa disponibilité d’œuvrer avec lui pour la qualification des relations bilatérales qu’entretiennent les deux pays voisins. « Je suis convaincu que vos qualités d’homme d’État et l’expérience acquise dans l’exercice des éminentes fonctions assumées durant de longues années sont autant d’atouts qui vous permettront d’assumer vos lourdes responsabilités avec maîtrise et sagesse », a émis le Président Alpha Condé.

Tokpanan Doré

Thank you Senegal. Congratulations President Macky Sall

The Global Democracy Project honors the people of Senegal for accomplishing one of the ominous hard-turns from a path of listless governance and errant groping to one that promises greater fortunes and prolonged peace.

We commend all Senegal’s opposition parties for their magnanimity and exalted vision for God and Country. Particular commendation is due the Y’en a Marre and M23 citizen movements as well as Youssou Ndure for sparing no effort to yield this formidable electoral juggernaut which overwhelmed any menace contemplated by ex-President Wade. It was a resounding victory for the people of Senegal and we are all proud of you. We mourn the loss of life through the years in Senegal and the politically motivated imprisonment. This hard-turn stands you in good stead to now dispense with the MFDC menace in the Cassamance region, Uni et indivisible.

We congratulate President Macky Sall on his election  to lead Senegal to her proper place among sober nations on democracy’s journey. We at The GDP intend to accompany President Sall as he steers the ship of state through democracy’s corrections due north.

The GDP.


The GDP statement on the military coup in Mali

Mali, like all other nations, is a multi-ethnic community. A nation’s sustainability is directly proportional to the scale of diversity of her peoples.

A more homogeneous group of Mali’s peoples lives in the arid north and over the years have grown a rich and nomadic culture. This group are the Tuaregs of Arab heritage.  They have resisted all counsel to adapt their traditions as the nation evolved so they can participate more fully in the life of their nation. They have preferred a nation of their own to community in Mali with their fellow citizens. Over the years, they formed separatist movements with their brethren in Northern Niger, Southern Libya, Southern Algeria, Eastern Mauritania, and Northern Burkina Faso. Among the separatist movements was the National Movement for an Independent Azawad Nation – MNLA. The MNLA nurtured an alliance with the government of Khartoum and Muammar Gadhafi of Libya for whom they provided security for government and the prosecution of ethnic campaigns in those nations. It was a symbiotic relationship where the Mali Tuareg militias formed battalions within Gadhafi’s military apparatus and gain military training and income without any need to conform to Mali law and government. This was part of what led to the popular uprising in Libya leading to the defeat of Gadhafi’s dynasty and removal from government in Libya.

Having been chased from Libya, the Mali militias returned to the only nation where they have historically been welcomed and even re-inserted into the national army in the name of maintaining peace. This I think was ill-advised because it condones cross-border criminal behavior by tribes which undermines the protection of the other tribes of Libya. They returned to Mali with their loot of the military hardware, an arsenal Gadhafi had been amassing for his untenable ambitions of a bedouin empire.

So it was that the returnee militias were once again welcomed with open arms in Mali and some reinserted into the national army. Almost immediately, the MNLA reconstituted along with religious allies of Al-Qaeda and all manner of Sharia proclaiming militias. Inspired by the partition of Sudan and the independence of South Sudan,  the MNLA held demonstrations demanding an independent Arab Azawad nation carved out of parts of Algeria, Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso. First stop – North Mali, which has become a fetid enclave of abductions and ransom hostage-taking and therefore the softest target in the calculus for secession. The military camp of Tessalit and Aguelhoc around the Algerian border was the first one to fall by cutting off revitalization provisions. From that vantage point other garrisons around Menaka and Gao began to succumb to their advance. The Mali military suffered humiliating losses in both lives lost and refugees made.

All this while Mali looks forward to presidential elections in April, elections which included constitutional reform and the landmark code for persons and the family referanda. It was therefore a national emergency of existential proportion for Mali who has placed a premium on dialogue and negotiations to nurture its democracy. The humiliating losses led to discontent and frustration within the national army and army-wives were the first to demonstrate their lack of confidence in President Amadou Toumani Toure’s ability to protect the citizens of Mali from the bandits who were better armed. This was followed by more losses to the MNLA bandits resulting in a further demonstrations by the military. The chief of Defense Staffs Gen. Sadio Gassama was dispatched to reason with the mutineering soldiers. That did not end well as the soldiers moved on the presidential palace at Koulouba and demanded a change of government, the impending elections not-withstanding.

We regret the violent overthrow of government in Mali and we urge the coupists to ensure the safety of President ATT, his family, and other government officials in their custody.

We encourage the military to convene a civilian transitional government which will enable the soldiers to focus more effort on removing the menace that the MNLA militias threatens Mali national integrity with.

When the human rights of Malian citizens are protected and the territorial integrity of Mali is assured, we urge the coupists and the transitional government to conduct National Presidential and Legislative elections with an equitable CENI.

We urge Mali’s international partners, ECOWAS, AU, other regional organizations, and the UN to accompany the soldiers and transitional government of Mali in their campaign to return normalcy to Mali so that good elections can be conducted.

The GDP Team.

ROP: Colonized waters of West Africa. Mon. 3/19/2012

USAGeorgia: 2.26.2012

A Letter to Kabul and The Muslim Ummah

Senegal: 2.1.2012

The people of Senegal seek your consideration and assistance


Guinea Bissau: 1.9.2012 President Malam Becai Sanha has died in a Paris hospital where he was receiving treatment for diabetes.

Courtesy: The Telegraph


STATE of The Nation Messages:



Friday, Dec. 30th, 2011

Mali: New Year 2012 Message from Mayor El Hadj Moussa Mara of Yelema

Chers amis;

A l’orée de l’année 2012 et comme d’habitude il me plait de vous adresser mes voeux de bonheur, de prospérité, de réalisation individuelle mais surtout familiale et collective.

Prions tous le seigneur, notre créateur, Maître du temps et de l’espace, pour qu’il aide notre pays et notre continent, mais aussi…More


Guinea Bissau: Another Attempted Coup Reported

Courtesy – Thomson Reuters


Gambia: Something is still rotten in the state of Gambia.

By Foday Samateh


ECOWASA coming of age…….More


Gambia: Columnist Dewayne Wickham of USAToday newspaper alerts the US of the ominous threat of a two-bit tyrant



GAMBIA: Press statement (detailed) of The United Democratic Party Alliance on the Nov. 24th, 2011 Presidential Elections


Gambia: Press Statement of The United Democratic Party Alliance on the just-concluded Presidential Election


The UDP/GMC United Alliance vehemently and
unconditionally rejects the results of the just concluded
Presidential Elections as announced by the Chairman of the
Independent Electoral Commission.

The results are bogus, fraudulent, and constitute a capricious usurpation of the will of the people.

The United Alliance urges Gambian citizens not to be hoodwinked
by the results of such a conspicuously flawed process and further
urges the international community not to validate the results of this
preposterous fabrication.  The United Alliance shall respond to
these unacceptable results with appropriate action.


Gambia: Nov. 24th, 2011 Presidential Election. What happened?More


Gambia: The Clearest Choice for Gambia in Election 2011…..More


Liberia: Presidential Election Runoff to be held with only Hon. Ellen Sirleaf Johnson on the ballot……More.



Thursday, Nov. 3rd., 2011
Gambia: Pact of the three pygmies;  the joke that calls itself an opposition “united front”. By Hon. Lamin J. Darbo, J.D……More.


Saturday, Sept. 10th., 2011

La-Guinea: The governments of Gambia and Senegal complicit in the Assassination Attempt on the life of President Alpha Conde’ of La-Guinea.

The French Press Agency AFP has reported that during an interview with Senegalese Radio Sud FM, President Alpha Conde’ has shared that investigations into the July 19th, 2011 Assassination attempt on his life have revealed coordination in Senegal (Hotel Meridien) and Gambia by the mercurial UFDG No. 2 Amadou Oury Bah, Secretary to Interim President Sekouba Konate – Mr. Tibou Camara who is also in-law to Gambia’s First Lady Zeinab Suma Jammeh, businessman and close associate of Interim President Sekouba Konate – Mr. Amadou Oury Diallo (dit Sadaka), and several othersnot named.

Courtesy: Guinee24 and AFP.

Tentative d’assassinat et du coup d’état contre le Président de la République de Guinée : Le Pr. Alpha Condé accuse Dakar, Banjul, Bah Oury, Tibou Kamara, Diallo Sadakadji…

Le président guinéen Alpha Condé a affirmé dans un entretien diffusé dimanche que l’attaque contre sa résidence privée à Conakry, en juillet, avait été préparée à Dakar et que les gouvernements sénégalais et gambien étaient au courant, en mettant nommément en cause un responsable de l’opposition.

“Tout a été préparé à Dakar et nous savons très bien que le numéro 2 de l’UFDG (Union des forces démocratiques de Guinée, opposition), Bah Oury (Amadou), qui a fui, nous savons très bien qu’il a été un des principaux organisateurs ici en Guinée”, a dit le président Condé, à propos de ce qu’il a qualifié d’attentat contre sa personne dans cet entretien à la radio privée sénégalaise Sud-FM.

“Je n’ai pas voulu qu’on l’arrête, parce que j’ai dit qu’il faut attendre que la justice lance d’abord un mandat d’arrêt, ce qui lui a permis de fuir”, a-t-il ajouté.

Il a indiqué qu’en plus de cet opposant, l’organisation de l’attaque impliquait des personnes qui se réunissaient à Dakar, à l’Hôtel (Méridien) Président.

“J’ai clairement dit au ministre (sénégalais des Affaires étrangères) Madické Niang et au ministre des Affaires étrangères de Gambie que j’estime (…) que les choses ont été préparées à l’hôtel (Méridien) Président à Dakar et qu’il y a des va-et-vient en Gambie et que j’estime cela ne pouvait pas se faire à leur insu”, a-t-il déclaré.

“Je pense qu’il y a la complicité du gouvernement sénégalais comme du gouvernement gambien, même s’ils disent qu’ils ont manqué de vigilance”, a-t-il accusé.

Il a affirmé avoir avisé l’ambassade de France à Conakry et certains pays amis des préparatifs de cet attentat, dans lequel il a aussi mis en cause Tibou Camara, ex-ministre secrétaire général à la présidence, qui est tout le temps en Gambie. L’épouse de M. Camara est membre de la famille de la Première dame gambienne, selon l’entourage de l’ex-ministre en Guinée.

Alpha Condé a également accusé nommément Amadou Oury Diallo, dit Sadaka, homme d’affaires proche du chef de la transition guinéenne de 2010, le général Sékouba Konaté.

Amadou Oury Bah, Tibou Camara et Amadou Oury Diallo sont actuellement tous les trois à l’étranger.

A la question de savoir s’il n’impliquait pas ainsi indirectement Cellou Dalein Diallo, président de l’UFDG qui séjourne régulièrement à Dakar, M. Condé a répondu: Je n’ai jamais parlé de Cellou Dalein, j’ai parlé des gens qui se réunissent à l’hôtel. On les connaît: Tibou Camara, “Sadaka”, etc. Je n’ai jamais parlé de Cellou Dalein, qu’il a battu au second tour de l’élection présidentielle de novembre 2010.

Source: AFP

Saturday, Sept. 3rd., 2011

Open Letter to Opposition political party Executive officers in Gambia.

The morphology of missed opportunity

These are extraordinary times. They come but rarely in the annals of human history.
In Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya, we witnessed how ordinary citizens, sometimes one, driven to the ultimate sacrifice of risking their lives and property, subdued institutionalized criminality in their nations, to usher in a new dawn of civilized coexistence and considered peace. These events began as peaceful demonstrations by unarmed civilians simply because what structure of opposition political party engagement there was, if any, was rendered either obsolete or moribund by design. Opposition party officials and mere supporters have been systematically picked off, abducted, kidnapped, assassinated or exiled. Hope of peaceful change was gradually decimated. Ordinary citizens suffered in burdensome silence, trepidation, and vortex’s anneal. All the while in palpable fear of intractable massacre. And such opportunity for gracious rehabilitation is foreign to the institutionalized criminal’s considerations. The perfect sobriety that is the bane of his arsenal for protection against the impending prosecution.
We have been informed that our honorable opposition party leaders have expressed discomfort at initiating peaceful demonstrations to challenge these and those extremes of Yahya for fear of intractable massacre. Yet others lament and even sufide in the conjurer’s chagrin to yield a more perfect replacement of the institutionalized criminal. Such fatal indecision at high noon is the perfect recipe for both intractable massacre and a musical chairs for odious criminals. Both cautions to yield the very conditions they purport to prevent, buying the institutionalized criminal more latitude and time to entrench.
In Gambia, we are afforded the unique opportunity of witness and projection. We have at the most five opposition political parties – UDP, NRP, PDOIS, PPP, and GMC. Gambia is comprised of close to 10 tribes, 20 unique communities, and up to a million individual interests. Under ordinary circumstances where the five opposition political parties vie independently to govern every five years, the successful party must govern the uniquenesses of our tribes, communities, and interests. It should leave nothing to the imagination to assert that the successful party will be called upon to harness greater faculty in order to successfully govern a million disparate interests than to hold 5 disparate parties in transient communion. Verily, if you cannot, with purposeful expedition, form a united front of 5 opposition political parties against one institutionalized criminal, how do you propose to govern for a million disparate citizens? Will you be up to that task, with your enormous sobriety and saintly caution?
For those who express fear of WHO will replace Yahya after ridding yourselves of your executioner, I share this consideration with you; The work to identify the replacement for Yahya, is the work of all of us who encourage you to unite behind any one of you. It is not the work of any one one citizen, opposition party leader, or opposition party. We are not tasking you with that burdensome discernment. We have declared that any one of you will be sufficiently ideal considering the avowed criminal that you replace. And should any of you who has the privileged honor to govern for us turn out to be equal to or worse than Yahya, we the citizens will replace you yet again, with another of our number. Surely, you must be confident in our ability to replace any of your good number after we replace an unrepentant criminal. Besides, the discernment of our governor is not the purview of any single individual, opposition party leader, or opposition party. That is why we will organize our elections and vote. Indeed you are vying for our votes to so proceed.
The APRC serves only as cover for the institutionalized criminal. In effect, the APRC is part of the criminal’s arsenal to inoculate himself against the inevitable and impending prosecution that he gleans on the walls. There exists among your APRC colleagues, as it were in the fortified Fatah councils, conscientious persons and fellow citizens, who are trapped in vortex’s anneal, yearning for relief and freedom. You must allow yourselves to shine in the glory of yielding such relief for them, the promise of exalting expedition. The Tripoli and Benghaazi brigades undertook the dangerous journey to free Tripoli, risking there may never have been a disenchanted corps of Tripolides, who had been waiting for just such an expedition in considered faith. Luckily, such a cauldron of suffering was waiting with baded breath, for this vote of confidence from the brigades. In Gambia, there is presently no need for displacement or commuting of despair. It is ever-present, everywhere.
We do not pretend to instruct you on the manner of management of your political parties, nor do we desire to browbeat you into communion you do not wish. We merely encourage you to do the people’s will and come together. We encourage you to hearken to the call of your partisans variously. If you ignore your own partisans, you may be participating in sealing your own fates and that of your colleagues in your parties.
Haruna Darbo

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

La-Guinea: Assassination Attempt on the life of

President Alpha Conde’

In the small hours of Tuesday, around 2:30 Am GMT, persons in military uniform mounted an attack against the private home of President Alpha Conde’ in Conakry. President Conde’ was home at the time but did not sustain any injuries. The assailants were armed with heavy machine guns and a rocket launcher. One of President Conde’s guards was killed and two injured before they valiantly repelled the assassins. Back-up arrived about an hour later.

President Conde’ appeared on National TV to reassure the people of La-Guinea of his personal safety and to urge calm and sobriety among the citizenry who came out in their greater numbers to demonstrate support for President Conde’ and his family.

The military immediately set up road blocks throughout Conakry, La-Guinea’s capital. Several arrests were made to include General Nouhoum Cham who was chief of defense staff during the transition government of Hon. Sekouba Konate (now leading the AU’s peace-keeping reserve force). More arrests are expected. The motivations of the assassins is not readily discernible but the attack appears to be one of gratuitous murder.

The Global Democracy Project condemns the attempt to assassinate President Conde’ at a time when La-Guinea can ill-afford any destabilization expeditions. We extend our best wishes to President Conde’ and his family, the murdered officer and his family, the injured and their families, and the entire population of the great people of La-Guinea. We look forward, with great anticipation, to the capture of the assassins and their co-conspirators, and the administration of the full weight of epic law.

Please see the following link for pictures and further perspective: http://www.africa24tv.com/section/les_jt/9457

For more on this developing story, please visit The Lighthouse Herald Newspaper.

The GDP Team.


Sunday, June 12th, 2011

GAMBIA: Former Professor at the University of Tenn. Knoxville and former Minister of Communications of Gambia, Dr. Amadou Scattred Janneh Arrested!!!

We have been informed that Dr. Amadou S. Janneh, currently a private citizen and prorietor of COMIT Technologies in Gambia, has been arrested 4 days ago along with several members of his family and native town of Gunjur. According to reports, Dr. Janneh was a member of a civic organization called the Coalition for Change in Gambia CCG. The CCG has recently called for a civil disobedience campaign to refuse participating in Yahya Jammeh’s public street cleaning exercise to be conducted every saturday. It is decreed by Yahya that no cars should be on the road during the exercise and all homeowners are required to sweep the section of curbside in front of their homes to shore up the delinquencies of the waste disposal functions of the municipal solid waste department. According to our director, Mr. Haruna Darbo, Yahya Jammeh is a mentally-disturbed and paranoid criminal, but that in his own eyes, he is God-sent for Gambia.

Dr. Janneh is also an American citizen having spent most of his life in Knoxville Tennessee where he taught at the university there. Dr. Janneh is a personal friend of our Director, Haruna Darbo who shares some exchanges he’d had with Dr. Janneh when the latter decided to return to Gambia some years back to work with Yahya Jammeh as Information and Communications Minister. Mr. Darbo Shares that Dr. Janneh sincerely wanted to contribute to the advancement of democracy and human rights in Gambia and that he genuinely believed he could accrue some modicum of sobriety and considerate governance for the mentally-deranged leader. Mr. Darbo shares that he encouraged Dr. Janneh in his decision to join the APRC government of Yahya Jammeh and pledged support for Dr. Janneh in his decision to return to Gambia. Mr. Darbo urged extreme caution.

We urge President Obama and Secretary Hilary Clinton to demand that:

1. Dr. Janneh be charged with a crime under the laws of Gambia or be released immediately.

2. When Dr. Janneh is in state custody, that he be allowed access to private counsel, visiting family and friends, the Red Cross, Amnesty International and all such persons and organizations desiring to visit him.

3. In lieu of meeting these demands, that The US close its embassy in Gambia and suspend all bilateral engagements with Yahya Jammeh because any government operating in Gambia understands that they are working directly with Yahya and not the people of Gambia, and that they are therefore complicit in Yahya’s criminalities. This is the same Yahya Jammeh who claims to have the cure for AIDS but that he would not share that cure with any other person or institution. He also fuels the MFDC rebellion in our neighbor Senegal’s backyard, Cassamance.

The GDP Team.

Fri., June 3rd, 2011

The GDP and Mayor of Commune-4 Mali Tour Tornado damage in Tuscaloosa, Albama

We received Hon. Mayor Moussa Mara in Atlanta on Thursday and proceeded to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, city Hall where our delegation was received by Tuscaloosa District 1 Councillor Bobby Howard and City Clerk Tracy Croom.

Tuscaloosa city police chief arranged for a tour of the devastated areas. For more on the tour, please visit The GOLD Fund and Lighthouse Herald pages.

The GDP Team.

Wed., March 30th, 2011

Resolution of Libya Conflict – A proposal

We acknowledge that Libyans have been suffering in silence for quite some time. They have not been free to express their anguish and desires for the while. When the epic window of opportunity presented itself, the Libyan people took advantage and joined their brothers and sisters in Tunisia and Misera to bring about transformational changes.
President Gadhafi is a proud man, having contributed to both the structural development and the suppression of dissenting opinion and freedom of Libyans for some four decades. With the support of the military, Gadhafi participated in the removal of King Idris before him. However when the people of Libya rose up to demand Gadhafi’s removal, he resorted to his military to quell citizen demands of him. With the support of conscientious military officers, the citizens gained access to arms to defend themselves from wholesale massacre. It would not be enough to prevent impending genocide.
After numerous pleas for restraint, and with the cries of the prospective Libyan citizen victims and the Arab League, the United Nations was compelled to adopt Resolution 1973 to avert a man-made calamity even as the organization considered relief from the mudslides of Bolivia and Brazil, the floods of Australia, the earthquakes of Christchurch, and the QuaTsunami of Japan. We commend the United Nations for hallmark sobriety. With all its shortcomings, the United Nations remains the last best hope for mankind on earth
The most violent parts of Res. 1973 have now been completed. Gadhafi’s air defense and offense have been rendered benign to pave the way for the implementation of the No-Fly-Zone component. Gadhafi’s militia have now retreated or have been forced to retreat from the outskirts of Benghaazi, from Ajdaabiya, Brega, and Ras Lanouf. They remain in Sirte, Misuratta, and Al Zaawiya.
1. We encourage Gadhafi and his militia to complete withdrawal from Misuratta and Al-Zaawiya and all other territory that remained relatively free of them immediately prior to the UN Res. 1973. That all such territory be guarded by a peacekeeping force of the National Interim Transitional Government. This to de-escalate the prospects for further conflict and allow both pro and anti-Gadhafi citizens to peaceably assemble and demonstrate as they desire, without fear of reprisal.
2. We encourage Germany, China, Russia, Brazil, Turkey, Mali, and Norway, to form themselves into a Friends of the UN & Libya committee to persuade Gadhafi to do the following:
a) Release all political prisoners and those citizens seized during the current conflict.
b) Apologize to the people of Libya for all murders and persecutions committed before and during the recent armed conflict.
c) Apologize for the gross negligence which caused the destruction of Libyan property during the implementation of UN Res. 1973.
d) Promise to expedite his own departure and the departure of those who sustained his odious policies executed in his moments of temporary insanity.
e) The UN and the Friends of UN & Libya Group to make the success of their efforts contingent upon the resumption of implementation of UN Res. 1973 in the event Gadhafi is not cooperative. And that this time, the Group will not abstain but will append their signatures to Res. 1973 to be retroactively more comprehensive.
3) As the Friends of UN & Libya Adhoc Group coordinates this de-escalation, we encourage Gadhafi’s militia, the Interim Transitional Government forces, and the UN, to institute a comprehensive ceasefire, and together, to begin humanitarian assistance and to facilitate the return of Refugees from Tunisia, Misera, Al Jazaa’Ir, and The Soodan, back to Libya in order to accrue normalcy to Libya. Those returning refugees will be valuable in the humanitarian and rebuilding effort.
4) When Gadhafi & Co. have departed, All demonstrations cease to accord The Interim Transitional Government the space and lattitude to present a constitution of the tribes of Libya to the people of Libya and pave the way for presidential and legislative elections.
5) That the new government of Libya be encouraged to consider forgiveness for Gadhafi & Co., and perhaps facilitate their return to Libya.
We humbly submit this proposal with the recognition that we hold no place in its adoption or implementation and that the lives lost may never be recovered, but that the salvage value of such loss lies in the genesis of this proposal and the rebirth of Libya. So help us God/Allah.
For The GDP Team.

Friday, March 11th., 2011

El Hadj Hon. Moussa Mara Elected Mayor of Commune-4 Mali

I join the multitudes of Malians, particularly those of Commune-4, to congratulate you El Hadj and your team at Yelema for the resounding victory at the polls. I commend all the elected councillors for putting the icing on the cake and electing you Mayor of Commune-4. 

Your election vindicates the citizens and womenfolk of Commune-4 and serves to reassure all Malians that Commune-4 prefers Yelema and new leadership for their affairs.

You can be re-assured of my continued support and Yelema’s partnership of The GOLD Fund as you chart a new course for Commune-4 and Mali governance.

I am confident you and your coleagues at Yelema join me in sharing our grief and condolences with the people of Australia, New Zealand, Bolivia, and Japan for the enormous and epochal losses they continue to endure. It s unimaginable that there are people on this earth that we share, who live day-to-day with the constant and nagging awareness of the ephemeral nature of life within the ecosystem. It was the same good Lord who determined Commune-4 be led by El Hadj Moussa Mara and Yelema at this time.

I pray for your continued good health and strength to walk with Commune-4 into a future of good community and progress.

Please accept, my best wishes for success and due-diligence.

Founder / Director – The GDP

Friday, Feb. 11th, 2011

Congratulations YELEMA!!

We take this opportunity to congratulate Yelema and Hon. Mara for their triumphant victory at last sunday’s municipal polls for Commune-4.

The young Yelema has been through enormous trials having weathered an annulment of the Muni’09 results, an unceremonious estoppel at the Commune-4 Mayor’s office,   a postponement of the redo-election, another existential challenge of their electoral list, and a lukewarm voter turn-out for an off-schedule election. Yelema has emerged with flying colors as the people of Commune-4 have doubled Yelema’s elected councillors. A well deserved, if deferred celebration. Here’s to hard work, grit, and a healthy dose of humility.

We commend all the participating parties to this election for without their rigorous challenge, this election would not have been possible and Yelema would not have developed into a worthy challenger and deserving victor in such a short span of time and with very little resources as suggested by some political migrants.

We particularly commend RPM and IBK, the outgoing municipal governance party for not ceding without a good fight, and RPM came in second with about half as many councillors as Yelema. This test of style and governance ideas will stand RPM in good stead to take stock of their deficiencies and enhance their value. Having governed Commune-4, RPM is a reserve of valuable experience which will become valuable as Yelema and RPM now join hands to grow the Hamdallaye Commune. Afterall they are all neighbors and no matter how the vote tally comes out, a good number of Yelema voters had sustained RPM and Adema prior. They now accord Yelema the opportunity to contribute their worth as fellow citizens of Commune-4.

We therefore encourage RPM to welcome their Yelema neighbors and do Commune-4 a good turn. We encourage Adema, MPR, CODEM, CNID-FYT, PDES, and all the other participating parties to afford Yelema the wise counsel of their good offices and maintain the excellent inter-party relationships that makes Mali the envy of the world. It is said that governance is done in prose. Nay, it is done in symphony. G-Major.

I personally congratulate Hon. Mara, his executive committee, and friends and coleagues of Yelema (base), to include the growing network of Yelema chapters for their hospitality and grace through trying times. I am confident that given a new and more comprehensive mandate by Commune-4 citizens, Yelema will pick up where they left off in 2009 to grow the municipality in the image of their ideas and ideals. And that will be good for Mali.


Wednesday, Feb. 2nd, 2011

Mali – Commune 4 Mayoral Elections; Sunday Feb. 6th, 2011

This sunday, the much anticipated Commune 4 (Mali) elections will take place.

You will remember Hon. Moussa Mara had been elected Mayor of Commune-IV a couple of years ago during the Muni’09 elections. Hon. Mara was an independent candidate then. He then proceeded to serve Commune 4 well as he brought about much needed changes to enable this Hamdallaye Commune to regain her pre-eminent position in Mali Life.

Any time you have transformational changes in a society, it is shocking. Particularly when it comes from a confident, intelligent, and INDEPENDENT young man like Moussa Mara. No sooner did he take office than the elections were challenged on the grounds of illegal registrations, voter fraud, and all manner of intractable offense. The lower courts annuled the elections and the supreme court upheld that annulment.

Hon. Mara’s supporters and voters were preparing to demonstrate the obvious injustice orchestrated against one of Mali’s most promising young citizens. We at The GDP were extremely proud when the ever-circumspect Mara advised restraint and acceptance of the courts’ ruling. The good Honourable Mara would now form a bonafide party called YELEMA (Bambara for Change) to harness the enormous goodwill exhibited by the Youth and Women of Commune-IV. We were delighted.

Pursuant to this ruling, Commune-IV would be in the hands of an adhoc administrative committee and new elections would be postponed once again, but this time fittingly, on account of Mali’s proud Cinquantenaire celebrations. All the parties contesting the Mayoral election had to submit new lists of electoral delegates. Once again YELEMA and Hon. Mara’s List would be challenged, this time on grounds that the YELEMA list includes one Seydou Coulibaly whose listing, according to the challenge contravenes a tenet of Mali electoral law. The lower administrative court again found in favor of the complainants from a competing party. The young YELEMA, convinced of the integrity of their delegate selection process appealed the decision of the lower court. The matter would malign the zeal and energies of YELEMA but it was a good fight to entertain.

About two weeks ago, the appeal court would agree that the lawsuit was not only frivolous but also retributive on the part of the complainants. YELEMA lost some valuable time and enthusiasm. YELEMA would recover quickly, buoyed by the Appeals court judges’ sobrieties.

The much anticipated election is this sunday, February 6th, 2011. The Global Democracy Project endorses our partner YELEMA and we encourage you to persuade your friends and family in Commune-IV to come out in their good numbers and do YELEMA another good turn.

Thank you.

The GDP Team.


Saturday, Jan. 29th, 2011

Yaa Alaskandariyoon,

I am aware of events surrounding your lives of late. Some of you have shared with me that Tunis afforded you hallmark inspiration. I am with you and I empathize with you. I will discourage you from mimicking events in Tunis for the ware of Misera life.

In every country, there are anxieties and problems that need and require redress. The manner of accruing redress is as significant as the redress sought. Social networking and mass communication tools are very valuable for they expand individual rights and desires into more national enterprise. They can be counterproductive however particularly when they are used for celebrity and wholesale malaise.

You have taken to your streets to express your anxieties and frustrations. You have battled with your police forces. Your President has agreed with you on your chagrins, even if that includes his own replacement. Your army has now been deployed to maintain law and order and to maintain the security and safety of your families and the families of those who for one reason or the other have stayed home. You have now been demonstrating in this manner for several days, but you cannot discern the criminals among you. You have sustained injury and loss of life. The army is comprised of your brothers and sisters who are charged with the security of all Misera. The army is not at odds with your rights to free expression. In fact your army has not displayed disaffection to you.

President Mubarak has begun to replace his government with your fellow citizens and he has promised to yield to your demands. Nothing can be achieved by incessant and wanton mass demonstration and unharnessed value. If such a mass demonstration outlives its usefulness by turning into anarchy and indiscriminate criminality, the redress you seek, if granted, will have diminished the value of mass demonstrations and their efficacy. You will understand that it may not be in the interest of some outside of Misera for calm and considered engagement to reign in Alaskandaria.

Here is what I advise:

1. Choose from among your good number, a group of representatives, 100 or 200. Then bring the wanton and indiscriminate mass demonstration to a close. Yield to your army’s call to allow normalcy to return to Kaaira and Alaskandaria.

2. Give this adhoc people’s committee (APC)the authority and mandate to engage the executive on your behalf.

3. I call on your army to facilitate a congress between your APC and the Executive (including President Mubarak) within a week and allow your demands to be heard and allow considered and responsible engagement of your executive to meet your demands within the context of a whole Misera.

4. I encourage your army to monitor and insist on the implementation of the agreement that issues from this congress.

Throughout world history, solutions to problems never issue from extreme chaos or wanton disregard for order. I honor you and I look forward to President Mubarak honoring your wishes within a reasonable Misera. God knows I have similar considerations in Gambia as you do in Misera. If it is the replacement of President Mubarak you desire, you will get that. But I want you to get it without tearing Misera apart. And if you get Mubarak to resign, you must consider his replacement. That is where this APC becomes cardinal.

Thank you.

Haruna. I love Misera and her people.

Sunday, Jan. 9th, 2011

We pray for Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford’s Health

We mourn the dead of this heinous crime in Tucson (Toosan) Arizona.

Courtesy: Arizona Daily Star Newspaper

U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot point-blank in the head on Saturday at a northwest-side grocery store, but surgeons say they are optimistic about her recovery.

Meanwhile, Gov. Jan Brewer’s office is confirming federal Judge John Roll was among the dead, as was Gabe Zimmerman, Giffords’ director of community outreach.

Sheriff Clarence Dupnik last night said there were six dead, including a child, among the 19 dead or injured. The girl slain in the attack was later identified as Christina-Taylor Green, 9. Later, Dorwan Stodder, a church volunteer, was identified as being one of the people killed.

Giffords was in critical condition following surgery at University Medical Center, said Dr. Peter Rhee, a UMC surgeon. The bullet passed cleanly out her brain, exiting her head.

Rhee said she was following commands, which is a good sign. The shooting occurred at a Safeway supermarket where Giffords was holding one of her regular “Congress on Your Corner” events, which allows her to speak directly with constituents in her district.

The gunman has been identified as 22-year-old Jared Loughner, according to The Associated Press, although Dupnik declined to identify the assailant and said police are not convinced he acted alone. Loughner has had at least two minor run-ins with police, according to online court records.

In October 2007, he was cited by the Pima County Sheriff’s Department for possession of drug paraphernalia, a charge that was dismissed in November 2007 when he completed a diversion program. One year later, in October 2008, Loughner was charged with a “local charge” in Marana Municipal Court. That charge was also dismissed following the completion of a diversion program in March 2009. Court records indicate the Marana case file is due to be purged in December 2013. It’s unclear what the exact charge was. He had several nonsensical postings on various social-media sites.

Giffords has held several events since first taking office in January 2007 although this was her first event since her re-election to a third term in November.

“I’ve never been so shocked in my life as the events that happened today,” Dupnik said, taking the opportunity to warn against “vitriol” in the political sphere. “It’s not only a very sad day for tucson and for the family, the friends of all the victims of this horrendous, senseless unbelieveable crime. But it’s a sad day for America.”

Giffords, 40, was talking to a couple in the store when a gunman rushed her, shouting as he fired his weapon.

The gunman fired at people in line and got within 4 to 5 feet of the congresswoman, said Mark Kimble, a former Tucson newspaper executive who is now on her staff. The gunman fired at Giffords then ran out, continuing to shoot.

Members of Giffords’ staff were among the wounded. District director Ron Barber remained in surgery, but his life was not expected to be in danger.

Pam Simon, Giffords’ community-outreach representative, was also shot and injured, but expected to survive, Giffords spokesman C.J. Karamargin said. Zimmerman, 30, who had a master’s degree in social work from Arizona State University, had been with the congresswoman since her first election. “He was a social worker through and through,” Karamargin said. “He gave help to people for a living and he was very good at it.”

Karamargin said Zimmerman was in the middle of making plans for his wedding, and the two had recently spoken about possible honeymoon plans.

He said the 9-year-old girl had been brought by her family to meet the congresswoman to see how government works.

He said Roll had worked with Giffords’ office most recently in helping to secure funding for the Yuma courthouse.

A tearful U.S. District Judge Frank Zapata of Tucson, meanwhile, said he was “devastated” to hear of Roll’s death. “We’ve been friends for 25 years and he was a tremendous judge and a tremendous person.”

Karamargin said there was no warning, and said there had been no security at the event, although local law enforcement was typically notified of such town hall meetings. When asked if there should have been more security at the community event, Karamargin said Giffords worked to be accessible to her constituents. “She always prided herself on reaching out to the people who elected her and it would compound this tragedy if that were to change,” he said.

She has done 20 such “Congress on Your Corner” events, he said.

Two individuals at the event tackled the man after the shooting, Dupnik said, adding there was still ammunition in the semi-automatic pistol. Dr. Steven Rayle, a hospice doctor who used to work in the emergency department at St. Mary’s Hospital, went to the event to meet the congresswoman, whom he’d never met before. Rayle said he was walking toward her, about 8 to 10 feet away, when he saw a man about 2 feet away from her side shoot her in the head. There was no warning of the shot, he said. The man didn’t say a word.

The congresswoman fell to the ground and a staff member ran to her side. She was conscious and he saw her sitting up against a wall – signs he considered encouraging.

He said he heard another 15 to 20 rounds. He helped hold the suspect down after other witnesses tackled and disarmed him. ‘It was surreal. Gunshots sound less real in person,” Rayle said. “I thought someone was staging a protest. It just didn’t feel real.”

Alex Villec, a 19-year-old volunteer, organized the line of constituents when the shooter approached the line outside Safeway. The shooter said “Can I talk to the congresswoman?”, or something to that effect, Villec said. He told him to stand at the back of a line to wait for about 20 minutes. A few minutes later, the shooter left the back of the line and walked toward Giffords amid a group of 20 to 25 constituents, employees and volunteers.

“He was intent,” Villec said. “He was intent when he came back – a pretty stone-cold glance and glare. … I didn’t see his gun, but it was clear who he was going for. He was going for the congresswoman.


Tuesday, Dec. 28th, 2010

La-Guinea: A strong government taking shape

Courtesy: LejourGuinee/Guineevision/Guineenews

Courtesy: Guineenews1- Ministre de la Defense National and President Alpha COnde’. 
2- Ministre d’Etat, chargé de l’Energie et de l’Environnement, Elhadj Papa Koly Kourouma
3- Ministre d’Etat chargé des Travaux publics et des transports : Monsieur Ousmane Bah, ingénieur, ancien député;
4- Ministre de l’Econmie et des Finances, Kerfalla Yansané;
5- Ministre des Affaires Etrangères et des Guinéens de l’étranger, Dr
Edouard Gnakoye Lama
6- Ministre des Télécoms et Nouvelles Technologies de l’Information, Oyé Guilavogui, administrateur d’entreprise;
7- Ministre des Affaires Sociales et de la promotion féminine et de l’Enfance, Mme Nanténin Chérif;
8- Ministre de l’Urbanisme, de l’Habitat et la Construction, Général Mathurin Bangoura;
9- Ministre de la Jeunesse et de l’Emploi Jeunes, Sanoussy Gbatama Sow;
10- Ministre de l’Alphabétisation et de la promotion des langues nationales, Monsieur Bamba Camara, syndicaliste;
11- Ministre des Sports, Monsieur Aboubacar Sidiki Camara, Titi ancien footballeur;
12- Ministre de l’Industrie et des Petites et Moyennes Entreprises, Mme Ramatoulaye Bah, ancienne fonctionnaire internationale;
13- Ministre de l’Hôtellerie, du Tourisme et de l’Artisanat, Mme Hadja Mariame Baldé, ingénieur, ancienne député;
14- Ministre de l’élévage, Général Mamadou Korka Diallo
15- Ministre de l’Emploi, de l’Enseignement Technique et de la formation professionelle, Damantang Albert Camara
16- Ministre du Travail et de la Fonction Publique, Mme Fatoumata Tounkara, Syndicaliste;
17- Ministre délégué chargé des Transports, Tidiane Traoré, ingénieur;
18- Ministre délégué chargé de l’Environnement, Saran Mady Touré, Coordinateur du Programme PNUD Monts-Nimba.

Il y a eu un autre décret portant nomination du gouverneur et des vices gouverneurs de la BCRG.
19- Le nouveau gouverneur est Dr Lounsény Nabé, ancien ministre des Mines.
20- Le premier vice-gouverneur est Yéro Baldé Baldé, économiste.
21- Le deuxième vice-gouverneur est Gnanga Komata Gomou
22- Ministre de l’Administration du Territoire et des Affaires Politiques, Alhassane Condé;
23- Ministre de l’Agriculture, Jean Marc Telliano;
24- Ministre du Commerce, Mohamed Dorval Doumbouya;
25- Ministre de la Sécurité et de la Protection Civile, général Mamadouba Toto Camara, confirmé;
26- Ministre de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche Scientifique, Morikè Damaro Camara;
27- Ministre de la Culture et du Patrimoine, Ahmed Tidiane Cissé;
28- Ministre de la Santé et de l’Hygiène Publique, Dr Namory Kéïta;
29- Ministre Délégué au Budget, Mohamed Diarré;
30- Ministre Délégué aux Affaires Sociales, à la Promotion Féminine et à l’Enfance, Diaka Diakité;
31- Ministre chargé des Guinéens de l’Etranger, Rougui Barry.
32- Conseiller spécial chargé des Questions économiques et financières avec rang de ministre : M. Madikaba Camara
33- Administrateur général de l’Administration et Contrôle des Grands Projets (ACGP) : M. Mamady Condé
34– Agent Judiciaire de l’Etat : Me Gouréissy Sow


Sunday, Dec. 12th., 2010.

General Sekouba Konate Returns to a Hero’s Welcome in Conakry

A few days before certification of the results of the Nov. 7th, 2010 vote by the La-Guinea Supreme Court, Interim President Hon. Sekouba Konate travelled to the Maghreb Kingdom of Morocco for medical treatment. During his visit in Morocco and after the Supreme Court upheld the La-Guinea CENI’s provisional results of the election, Interim President Konate declared a state of emergency and the closure of La-Guinea’s sea, air, and land borders. This to forestall delinquency and a breakdown of law and order. Given La-Guinea’s recenter history, this decision by Hon. Konate appeared to have been a wise one.

Amid sobriety and serenity, President-elect Conde’ was congratulated by La-Guinea’s neighbors and International partners. Meanwhile Hon. Konate was designated to head the pioneer peace-keeping reserve force of the African Union, upon completion of medical treatment.

First things first.

Earlier today, General Konate was released after successful surgery in the Maghreb Kingdom for what is described as a hero’s welcome in Conakry. He was greeted by interim Prime Minister Hon. Jean Marie Dore’ and the Governor of the Conakry Administrative Area who accorded the General a National Merit Award. Residents of Conakry lined his motorcade route from Conakry-Gbessia airport to the People’s Palace.

The GDP.

Thursday, Dec. 2nd, 2010.

HE President Alpha Conde of La-Guinea

A little over 30 minutes ago, the La-Guinea Supreme court certified the results of the 2nd symphony that was presented to them by the Independent Electoral Commission CENI. In reaching their conclusions, the supreme court considered the complaints filed by both parties of irregularities and intimidations variously. The supreme court determined that none of the complaints carry significant enough merit to materially affect the provisional results conveyed by the CENI. Therefore, those provisional results have now been certified as official.

We congratulate President-elect Alpha Conde and worthy opponent Hon. Cellou Dalein Diallo for their sobriety and patriotism for La-Guinea. They are the ramparts of this epochal moment in La-Guinea’s history. At a time when hopelessness and wreckless abandon seems to be the order of the day in the West African neighborhood, Mali, Burkina, Benin, Liberia, SierraLeone, and now La-Guinea offer the battered peoples of this region enormous hope and cause for celebration.

La-Guinea is still under curfew to forestall undue and inimical reactions to the supreme court’s announcement. This period of curfew will again afford Hon. Alpha Conde, Hon. Cellou Dalein Diallo to exchange pleasantries and congratulations to set the pre-requisite tone for the lifting of the curfew. La-Guineans must not tarry to celebrate and reflect on their new-found treasure in democracy. This, while the architect of the transition elections, Interim President Sekouba Konate seeks medical treatment in the Maghreb Kingdom of Morocco. It will be fitting to give him a hero’s welcome when he returns.

We at The GDP are enormously proud of ECOWAS mediator President Compaore of Burkina Faso, and all La-Guineans particularly the CENI president Gen. Toumany Siaka Sangare, Transition Prime Minister Hon. Jean Marie Dore, The national Transition government, The La-Guinea Fossepel, The La-Guinea Armed forces, civic and religious organisations, and the International Contact Group for La-Guinea. We commend all foreign embassies and partner governments, particularly The US, France, China, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Morocco, Russia, Turkey, Libya, Canada, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Poland, South Africa, The UN, AU, ECOWAS, and UEMOA for their graciousness and due-diligence throughout the transition period. High commendation goes to all election observers particularly the Carter Center monitors and their director Gen. Yakubu Gowon, former President of Nigeria.

It’s a great day in La-Guinea.

The GDP-Team.


Monday, Nov. 15th., 2010

HE President Alpha Conde

Maiden Speech

Courtesy: The Patriotic Vanguard newspaper of SierraLeone

Fellow Guineans,

My dear compatriots,

Today marks a new era for our country; an era of change of which millions of Guineans had dreamed for years.

Our long struggle for democracy and development has finally been realized in the way we had envisaged.

I would like to pay the greatest homage to the Peuple of Guinea who have, one more time, displayed immense maturity by voting in peace in serenity.

I dedicate this victory to all the People of Guinea, without distinction; to those who voted for us and those who made a different choice.

This is a victory for the People of Guinea and all Guineans that aspire to the same ideal; that of transforming our country into a democratic and prosperous nation for the benefit of all.

This is, without doubt, a moment full of emotions, of memories but also, and most especially, of hope for the rebirth of our country.

I would like to particularly recognize the wonderful male and female activists of our party, the RPG, who were always with me, full of determination and loyalty.

This historic moment reminds us of those who had struggled, often at the risk of their lives, and for those who had suffered physically for the advent of democracy in Guinea.

I would like to extend my profound gratitude to all the members of the Rainbow Alliance for the support and dedication that have made this victory possible.

My dear compatriots,

A new page in our country’s history has been turned today.

A new page stamped with a banner of hope for the millions of Guineans who stumble under the yoke of poverty and who aspire to increased justice, peace, serenity and a better life.

Now that this exhausting political campaign is over, the time has come to join hands in a spirit of oneness and brotherhood and to collectively face, without delay, the numerous challenges confronting our country. That will only be possible in a peaceful atmosphere with the cooperation of all Guineans.

The fertile terrain of a country’s riches could be found in diversity.

I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to my younger brother Alhaji Cellou Dalein Diallo; I extend to him my hand as a brother for the creation of a prosperous and united Guinea.

I call on all my compatriots in and out of the country, to seize this great opportunity and take on the historic task that is theirs to ensure the successful rebirth of our country in peace, reconciliation and security for all.

My dear compatriots,

At a time when a certain behaviour in certain quarters is trying to stifle our common move towards democracy, and to weaken our social cohesion, permit me to remind you of the absolute necessity for serenity, calm and responsibility.

I call on our activists and supporters and all those that had freely expressed confidence in us, to never respond to any provocation.

I ask those of my compatriots who voted differently to have in their hearts and minds the assurance of my determination to work for a just, free and egalitarian society.

That is why I am asking them to resist any attempt at political manipulation and to always operate within a patriotic and republican framework.

The democratic change long desired by Guineans is on the move, and nobody and no strategy, would be able to derail the wishes of the people.

As for me, I had always promised during the politcal campaign that I will be the president of all Guineans, without distinction.

I will be the President of change, for the benefit of all.

I will be the President of national reconciliation and progress for all.

My dear compatriots,

The sunlight of democracy and development appear in the horizon; let us all grab this opportunity and make it a tangible reality for the benefit of our people.

May God bless Guinea and the Guinean people.

I thank you.

Translation by Gibril Gbanabome Koroma.

Monday, Nov 15th., 2010

Prof. Alpha Conde elected President of La-Guinea

The runoff and cardinal election for La-Guinea President was held on sunday, november 7th, 2010 amid an atmosphere of relative calm and serenity. It was the first time in the country’s history that free, fair, and transparent elections were held and to ensure good beginnings in La-Guinea’s journey in democracy, Malian General TOumany Sangare presided over the conduct of the elections as President of the troubled CENI.
Results started trickling in by Tuesday which put Hon. Cellou Dalein Diallo of the UFDG Alliance on top with overwhelming support from diaspora Guineans except for those living in Mali and Nigeria. However, because of the diminutive number of La-Guineans in the diaspora as compared to those resident in the country, Hon. Alpha Conde took the lead with the first few local precinct results coming in. What is more significant is that Hon. Conde’ was the overwhelming favorite in the strongholds of the two most important allies of Hon. Dalein Diallo, namely Hons. Sidya Toure’ and Abbe Sylla.
By Friday, Hon. Dalein Diallo lodged a complaint with the CENI that the votes of Siguiri and Kouroussa be annulled on account of the absence of UFDG poll watchers in these prefectures and the possibility of electoral fraud and also that the Peuls in these prefectures were intimidated in the run-up to the election. These two prefectures happen to be the strongholds of Hon. Alpha Conde’. The Rainbow Alliance of Alpha Conde’ would respond by lodging their own complaints of intimidation and actual banishment of their Poll watchers from precincts in the strongholds of Hon. Cellou Dalein Diallo. These seemingly infinite allegations and counterclaims were halted when CENI President Sangare declared on sunday that the CENI would investigate the allegations that were under that body but that those which fall under the purview of the Supreme Court such as the annullment of votes, will be forwarded to the Court. Further, that the CENI would no longer accept gratuitous allegations after the 32nd such allegation was submitted by Hon. Cellou Dalein DIallo.
The announcement of provisional results had risked being truncated on account of overwhelming allegations, and thanks to the General, sobriety ensued and an hour ago, the final provisional results which placed Hon. ALpha Conde at 52% and Hon. Cellou Dalein Diallo at 48% were announced.
Hon. Alpha Conde’ is a historic figure in La-Guinea politics dating as far back as the Sekou Toure administration. He was exiled in France, where he had been university professor, by that administration and subsequently imprisoned by the Lansana Conte’ administration and accused of planning a coup d’etat. He was to be released after serving 2 years in COnte’s prisons. At the same time, Hon. Cellou Dalein Diallo served as Minister under Hon. Sidya Toure, and then Prime Minister, both portfolios in the Lansana Conte’ adminstration.
The allies of the Rainbow Alliance of Alpha Conde’ included the consummate diplomat and concensus Prime Minister during the student demonstrations against the Conte adminstration, later removed from that position by President Conte’, hon. Lansana Kouyate’, Diplomat Hon. Lounceny Fall, Technocrats Hons. Fofana and  Bangoura.
The two contestants for the Presidency of La-Guinea had signed a pledge to form inclusive governments should either of them turn out to be victor in the run-off. I therefore encourage Hon. Alpha Conde’ to be considerate of the votes of Hon. Cellou Dalein Diallo and include as many partners from the Peul electorate as possible in his government of Renewal for La-Guinea. It is evident from the composition of the Rainbow Alliance that HE President Alpha Conde was already trained thusly.

I pray that La-Guinea never reverts to the decrepitudes of old and that the people of La-Guinea never allow a few errant individuals to hold the entire nation hostage, regardless of which constituent ethnicity they issue from. La-Guinea is a nation of many ethnicities and it cannot afford mob-rule by a single ethnicity. It is bad enough to be hijacked by the military for some 2 decades already following tenuous life under a dictatorship.

The GDP Team.

Thursday, Oct 28th., 2010

La-Guinea 2nd Phase Elections

Scheduled for Nov. 7th., 2010

CENI President Hon. Sangare recommended the elections be held on October 31st, 2010. Hon. Cellou Dalein Diallo of the UFDG requested an additional week. A consensus date of Nov. 7th was agreed upon and decreed by Interim President Sekouba Konate.
In addition, no political rallies are to be held by either contending candidate and the two candidates were invited to convene reconciliation conferences in three communities where ethnic tension has reached fever-pitch. President Konate urged the people of these communities to accord their candidates a gracious welcome with assurances of their personal safety and security by the La-Guinea military.
We encourage the candidates to ascend to President Konate’s clarion and urge the people of La-Guinea to seize this august opportunity and finally dispense with any obstacles to their democracy.
It must be clear by now that the only yield of ethnic discord is social disintegration. The former Yugoslavia certifies that when ethnicities who had decided to live in one nation under one constitution manufacture irreconcilable differences, Herzegovina, Metocchia, and Belgrade result. Under separate constitutions. And the effects of the divisions continue to wreak havoc on all concerned. For even though the communities have been constitutionally cleansed, the children of inter-ethnic families remain disenchanted and torn inside. For centuries to come. Until another union soothes the souls.
The GDP-Team.

Saturday, Oct 23rd., 2010

La-Guinea 2nd Phase Elections

Postponed again

Following viral complaints by Hon. Cellou Dalein Diallo and the UFDG alliance which suspected the new CENI President Hon. Lounceny Camara to be sympathetic to Hon. Alpha Conde and the Rainbow Alliance, UFDG partisans initiated skirmishes with the adhoc electoral police FOSSEPEL. Several injuries and one death were reported. In response, Interim President Hon. Sekouba Konate appointed Malian and Francophonie Representative to La-Guinea MATAP, General Siaka Toumani Sangare, to the position of President of the CENI and Hon. Lounceny Camara to the position of Vice President.

Upon review of the state of affairs of the CENI, new President Hon. Sangare determined it would be unconscionable to hold 2nd phase elections in such deplorable conditions of the CENI.  In a Press Conference, Hon. Sangare recommended the elections which were anticipated for Oct. 24th, be postponed.

Interim President Konate accepted this recommendation and by decree, postponed the election to a date in the not-too-distant future. Hon. Sangare expects to be able to make a recommendation for this new date on Monday, Nov. 1st., 2010.

Hon. Sangare’s appointment to guide the 2nd phase of La-Guinea Presidential elections promises yet another occasion to accompany La-Guineans toward their new-found democratic dispensation. This came on the heels of the two contenders promising to form governments of National Unity should either of them become victor.

We at The GDP recommend that after Hon. Sangare determines the CENI is optimally prepared to conduct the election, that he not entrain much more time for the elections to be held.

We also recommend that President Konate not allow any more campaign rallies by either contender or their alliances between now and the new date for elections. Both campaigns have spent as much money as they could already and if they haven’t communicated their platforms to La-Guineans by now, they never will, and any more conglomerations partisans will only likely descend into ethnic pannafore that La-Guinea can ill-afford.

We congratulate Hon. Sangare on his appointment and we commend President Konate and Prime Minister Dore for their remarkable sobriety. The GDP is committed to the good conduct of cardinal elections in La-Guinea and to accompany La-Guinea on democracy’s journey Post-election.

Team GDP

Tuesday, oct. 12th, 2010

La-Guinea Seminal Elections

October 24th, 2010

The final round of La-Guinea voting forPresient has been scheduled for sunday, october 24th, 2010, by decree and the recommendation of the Independent Electoral Commission- CENI. In its effort to remedy some of the deficiencies encountered in the first round of voting last June, the CENI has added more voting precincts particularly in the Highlands and Forestiere Regions where heavy rains and terrain can render the roads impassable and even life-threatening. This improvement in per-capita precincts can lead to higher turnout and enable more La-Guineans to participate in this their historic election.


REGION Number of registered voters Number of precincts
1st Round of voting 2ndRound of voting Difference
1 CONAKRY 930,076 1,424 1,441 17
2 N’ZEREKORE 637,045 1,370 1,575 205
3 KANKAN 594,820 1,043 1,690 647
4 KINDIA 552,803 1,132 1,236 104
5 BOKE 402,403 875 1,044 169
6 LABE 376,411 978 1,067 89
7 FARANAH 349,618 716 971 255
8 MAMOU 299,588 730 768 38
9 National Total 4,142,764 8,268 9,792 1,524

In addition to increasing voter precincts, we encourage the CENI to:

1. Improve accessibility and voter-turnout for La-Guinea diasporans particularly in Angola and other countries where such problems have been encountered.

2. Better control ballots and streamline the conduit of Proces Verbales, with assistance from the adhoc electoral police – Fossepel.

When the structure of voting and ballots is secure and controlled by a cradle-to-grave system, the CENI’s internal problems of who is a member and how independent they are will become insignificant and only semantic. The problems or deficiencies of the voter registration conducted during the Conte administration cannot be relitigated now. La-Guineans must endeavour to mitigate that registration’s adverse affects by due-diligent structural remediation.

Wed., 6th Oct. 2010 16:16:23

La-Guinea: 2nd Round of Presidential Elections

OCT 24th, 2010

A new President of the Independent Electoral Commission (CENI) has been elected. He is tradesunionist Mr. Lounceny Camara.

Father Albert David Gomez of the Anglican church and second vice president of the transition commission has been designated to replace the commission’s late Ben Sekou Sylla.

The La-Guinea Bar Association has appointed lawyer Amadou Salifou Kebe to replace Mr. Fode Abass Bangoura who resigned in the wake of the massive frauds that characterized the 1st round of voting.

On monday, oct 4th, 2010, Interim President Sekouba Konate, through his press secretary, decreed that the second round of voting in the presidential election is to take place on sunday, Oct 24th, 2010, a significant day in the UN’s calendar.

We wish La-Guinea well in the days leading up to this historical event and we encourage all La-Guineans to distinguish themselves in their trademark sobriety and due-diligence.

The GDP.


Thu, 30 Sep 2010 20:22:43 -0500


La-Guinea: Runoff elections postponed


Tuesday, Sept. 14th., 2010

La-Guinea Ultimate Elections – 9/19/2010

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