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This page will be dedicated to the study, review, and development of the various constitutions in our ROPs. DEMOmetrics will track the life and health of constitutions and law in our ROPs. The health of democracies. One of the areas we will actively participate in will be the strengthening of Bar Associations and Law-in-the-Classroom to bring the constitution closer to students.

Thank you for visiting and we encourage you to visit review the DEMOmetrics page and share your ideas with us for enhancement. Look for updates and growth in this area.


Please click on the url below to access the constitution of La Guinea (Loi Fondamentale)



Please click the link below for the 1984 constitution of Liberia:



Please click the link below for the 1991 constitution of Mali:



Please click the link below for the 2005 constitution of USGeorgia:



The Gambia does not currently follow any identifiable constitution. It is a military dictatorship governed by Yahya Jammeh who seized power on July 22nd, 1994, from the constitutionally and democratically elected government of Sir Dawda Jawara

Please click on the link below for the dormant 1997 constitution of The Gambia:



The World’s first written constitution – The Kouroukan Fuga



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