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The Gambia

President Yahya Jammeh’s Prisoner Killings – UNLAWFUL

by Former Magistrate and Barrister Lamin J. Darbo


Please click on the link below to view a map of The Gambia



When Yahya Jammeh and his gang of armed bandits seized power in Gambia on July 22nd., 1994, there was genuine relief among ordinary Gambians because the bandits offered themselves as saviors of Gambia from the debilitating corruption and incompetence of the incumbent Peoples Progressive Party government of Sir Dawda Jawara.

We share here a video of an occasion where Yahya explains an episode of the corruption involving the government and unscrupulous Nigerian and British officials. Dr. Ebrima Ceesay offers some context and officials of PDOIS in Halifa Sallah and Hon. Sidia Jatta (Representative of Wulli) express genuine euphoria to a Scandinavian journalist. Please click on the link below:

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