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Georgia was colonised by the British on June 9th 1732 by royal charter and the first British settlers landed in Anne (present day Savannah) on february 12th, 1733. Georgia was the 4th state to ratify the United States constitution on January 2nd, 1788 and was admitted into the union in the same year as the last of the original 13 colonies, but seceded from the Union in 1861 following South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida. The debate on Jan. 19th, 1861, surrounding the secession centered on whether southern states should accede to the United States’ prohibition of slavery or not. It culminated in the secessionists winning out and signing of the Ordinance of Secession a couple of days later. After the civil war of 1861-1865, and much hardship in the state, Georgia was readmitted into the United States of America in 1870.

Georgia, USA
Georgia, USA

Bordered by Alabama in the west(~350 mi.), Tennessee and North Carolina in the north(~80 & 80 mi. resp.), South Carolina in the east(~300 mi.), and Florida in the south(~250 mi.), Georgia covers approx. 59,425 square miles of land area making it the largest state east of the Mississippi River. The capital of Georgia is Atlanta and maintains seaports at Savannah and Brunswick. South Carolina also maintains port operations on her side of the Savannah RIver in Savannah. For good neighborliness and mutual growth, Georgia appoints two South Carolina officials on the board of the port of Savannah.

Georgia’s main preoccupations are the enhancement of her democracy, the Army Corps of Engineers’ facilitated negotiations over water rights of the Chattahoochee River with her two neighbors Alabama and Florida, and to lesser extents, considerations of the Tennessee and Savannah Rivers with her neighbors Tennessee and South Carolina respectively. The saving grace for Georgia is the guardianship of the United States Federal government manifested in the Army Corps of Engineers. Georgia is richly endowed with many more albeit shorter and smaller rivers, streams, and lakes, both natural and man-made.


Please click on the link below to view Georgia’s position on a map of the United States of America



USAGeorgia Facts:

Population:  approx. 9,544,750                   

Latitude:   33.762 deg. N

Longitude: 84.422 deg W              

Highest pt: Brasstown Bald (4,784 ft.)

Land Area: 59,425 sq. mi.


USAGeorgia Climate:                            



The states of America, of which Georgia is one, are governed by the United States Constitution. Each of the states is administered by a local government and a constitution which is a derivative of the federal constitution. Development is undertaken from revenues generated by the federal Internal Revenue Service and the local state department of revenue. Therefore each citizen contributes to both local development and National development in proportion to their demography.

Like in most democracies, Georgia government is divided into the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches. 

EXECUTIVE: This is the governing council of Georgia and comprises the Governor, Lietenant Governor, Secretary of state, Attorney General, Public service Commission, state schools superintendent, and other elected officials.

LEGISLATURE: This is the law-making body for the state of Georgia and comprises the senate and House of Representatives elected by district citizens.

JUDICIAL: This is the body that interpretes the laws made by the legislature. It comprises the supreme court of Georgia, Court of Appeals, Superior Court, and other judicial agencies.

Like the other states of America, Georgia accredits representatives to the United States House of Representatives and senate.  The Georgia congress (Legislature) is a carbon-copy of the US congress in that it seats senators and Representatives. These senators and Representatives derive their mandate from district elections.

For a copy and study of the Georgia constitution, please visit our CONSTITUTIONS page on the left sidebar.


Natural Resources:


descendants of British colonists

African Americans

Shephardic Jews

Native American Indians

Italian Americans

European Americans

Hispanic Americans

Asian Americans (incl. Arab Americans).


Native American – mostly Cherokee

English (southern & southern mountain), German, Spanish, Italian

Mandingo (and derivatives), Pulaar, Wollof, soninke, Hawsa, Yoruba, Creole, other.

Jewish, Chinese, Hindi, Arabic



Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Non-denominational.


From the highest elevation at Brasstown Bald which is in the Blue Ridge and Piedmont mountain ranges, the elevation drops east-ward to a plateau at the border with northeast Alabama and south-ward into the coastal plains wetlands and the tristate borders of Georgia, Alabama, and Florida around Dothan, Alabama.

For a relief map of Georgia, please see;



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