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About The GDP

The GDP is a non-profit, non-partisan, and religiously-neutral organization.

Our Mission

We have chosen to live a democratic lifestyle. We wish to share the values and yield of democracy and enable peoples of multi-ethnic societies to appreciate democracy.

Mission Summary

We intend to achieve our mission through the support of an active board of Directors and advisors, and in partnership with individuals and institutions who appreciate democratic life.

We have chosen the enabling areas of Education, health, capacity building, and disaster prevention and mitigation to empower our partners in this journey. We will divide multi-ethnic nations with common cultures and histories into Regions of Operation Partners (ROP). We will harness the synergies of these commonalities for common relief and economic growth.

The signature project of The GDP is the Savanna Academy, a k-12 high school, formed around the Senator Edward Kennedy Nyakoi Vision Institute (SEVINK Vision Institute). This campus will be located close to rural communities in our ROPs to address access disparities, discourage Rural-Urban migration, and help maintain agricultural production capacity of rural folk. This has the attendant effect of reducing poverty and hunger, as well as reduce disequilibrium in growth. Families will stay together longer with more vested interest in their communities.

Another project of The GDP is the Sustainable Development Institute (SUDI) that will host our Volunteer Ambassador program for Disaster Prevention and Mitigation and Conflict Prevention and Resolution Corps. SUDI will serve as headquarters for The GDP’s BRAVO Company, NyakoiCorps, EDUCorps, and Engineers for Democracy Corps (E4D).

We believe that every community must have the competence to design disaster management plans and be able to assist in other areas of the world where disaster strikes. The main focus of SUDI will be economic growth and development to prevent man-made disasters, and to minimize the damage and death tolls that may result from natural disasters. The SUDI will undoubtedly rely on a well-trained cadre of volunteers, at the ready for deployment anywhere disaster strikes.

Impaired vision and other eye-diseases reduce the productivity and capacity of patients to be full participants in the democratic life of their communities. In order to enhance productivity and augment appreciation for democratic life, The JOHM Fund will be the capital campaign project of the SEVINK Vision Institute. It will fund scholarships for the training of students interested in the ophthalmic sciences, The Savanna Academy Ophthalmology Club, and the SIGHTSEED component of SEVINK. SIGHTSEED will be focused on the prevention of eye-disease and impairment by offering low to no-cost corrective lenses, eye-disease prevention education, medication, and low to no-cost corrective eye surgeries.

The GDP will rely on the goodwill and philanthropy of individuals and institutions who share our vision and values.  We are committed to use donated resources to their maximum potential in our journeys toward democratic life.

We are committed to providing a healthful and safe environment for our volunteers to use their skills to assist the less fortunate.

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