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The GDP Volunteer Ambassadors

Thank you for visiting. The GDP is proud to announce that we are a registered non-profit organisation in the state of Georgia, USA. We seek your support and company in our wide variety of project areas via the GDPcorps and divisions to include BRAVO company, EDUcorps, and Nyakoicorps.

BRAVO Company.

This is the home of The GDP’s volunteer ambassadors in the areas of disaster management, sustainable development, and conflict prevention and resolution. Volunteer Ambassadors will be paired with the closest chapter of BRAVO company for training and readiness. The local chapters will be associated with national and regional coordinating bodies and will have an opportunity to be deployed anywhere in the world as needed.

We share with you the experiences of the Israeli Defense Forces and Turkey in their numerous humanitarian expeditions around the world. It affords us inspiration:




As we develop a more permanent cadre of teachers and administrators, we will rely very heavily on the support of friends who are current and retired certified teachers to nurture the students of Savanna Academy. We hope to partner with one or more established schools for curriculum and structure. We encourage our senior teachers and husband and wife team educators to assist and guide us. A comprehensive lodging and stipend regime will be put together to encourage your favorable consideration. The Volunteer committee of The GDP’s board of directors will concern itself with your satisfaction and pleasant experience. The Education Committee of the same board will handle more detailed administrative and curricular matter.


This is the home of our medical service personnel to include Opthalmologists, Optometrists, such as surgeons, pharmacists, anesthesiologists, medical technicians, nurses, and medical assistants. The Nyakoicorps volunteer ambassadors will be overseen by our resident surgeon and assisted by the Savanna Academy’s student Ophthalmology Club. The SEVINK Vision Institute will be managed by an independent staff in coordination with the Savanna Academy administration. A fulfilling and pleasurable experience undoubtedly awaits you. The Institute will be paired with an established ophthalmology organization with whom we will arrange education and training protocol for the JOHM fund-sponsored ophthalmology students.

We will endeavour to reach out to you personally as we form. However, we may not be able to reach all our friends for want of contact information. We encourage you to reach out to us if you find our mission and projects desirable and of interest to you. We seek your help and guidance. Please send us your ideas and suggestions via the comment form below or mail to:

The Global Democracy Project (The GDP)

P.O. Box 775

Lithia Springs, GA 30122

To become a GDP Volunteer Ambassador, Please click


We encourage you to suggest a partnership between The GDP and your employer to facilitate your travel and participation in our Disaster Relief training sessions which will be scheduled on rotational bases. An allowance of a week/year will be adequate. Should you prefer that we speak with your employer for such facility, please give us express written permission for such. We will develop a cadre of philanthropic organizations and national emergency management agencies throughout the world who can afford us such comprehensive training and relief coordination.

When process is complete, you will receive information on the name and team leader of your GDPcorps chapter coordinator. Thank you for your support and consideration.

Vision for BRAVO company

Some years ago, it became evident to us that disasters do affect the best people at the most inopportune times. Some natural disasters are by and large cyclical as the seasons change and because of poor planning or inadequate logistic and relief support, the scale of injury, death, and disease seems to escalate each year. They occur with marked precision in ecological time but they seem to take us by surprise. We may not be able to avoid natural disasters but we can minimize the scale and scope of loss, injury, death, and disease even as our populations grow. Judicious growth patterns and proper drainage can alleviate storm and flood damage and mudslide tolls, sobriety in the extraction of the earth’s structural minerals and fossil fuels can reduce the frequency of, and damage due to tremors, earthquakes, and tsunamis, and an efficient and integrated early warning system can give us valuable forecast for many a flood and tropical storm.

Some of these natural disasters are the rectification of imbalance in one area by relief elsewhere. Other natural disasters take us by surprise because we fail to monitor their development and to take cover or evacuate as they climax. Out of all disasters, a good number of them are effectively man-made out of sheer neglect, unsustainable development, and opportunistic war.

Be that as it may, and as we amend our ways to prevent those that are within our capacity to prevent, we are still left with those disasters that affect one part of our world as rectification of imbalance in another part. To the extent that the affected people are not aware of the inuring imbalance, they are taken by surprise and caught unprepared. We therefore must put together a system of relief and mitigation programs in all parts of the world at the ready to give aid and comfort to the afflicted. It may be Indonesia today, Pakistan tomorrow, the Congo next, the US, Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and pacific Isles, Gambia, Mali, Senegal, Tananarive, Lappland, the Low countries (Les pays bas) and then Miyanmar next year.

It is this understanding of natural disaster and its attendant intractability that the idea of BRAVO company aims to ameliorate to whatever extent possible. We envisage that BRAVO company will be an elite standing army of global volunteers, well trained and experienced, resourced and at the ready to lend a hand in any of the brotherhood of nations where disaster occurs.

For ongoing training and preparedness, we intend to partner with organizations who are already engaged in disaster relief, friendly governments, specialized companies worldwide, and philanthropic individuals and agencies. Regardless where you reside on earth, you can become a volunteer ambassador and you will be paired with the closest Bravo company unit. You will have an opportunity to train with the world’s best and chance experience when disaster strikes.

Come Join us. The life you save may be your own.

We will develop Bravo Companies in as many parts of the world as possible and augment the capacity and resources of existing relief agencies. We will work to become affiliate units of established relief agencies and work in unison to coordinate mitigation and post-disaster regeneration. We will develop the idea further and we encourage you to visit again for updates and to become part of The GDPcorps and Bravo Company in your part of the world.

Thank you.

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